Manage Email and SMS Preferences (Opt-out Settings)

If a user is not receiving team communication emails, it is likely that they UNSUBSCRIBED from the emails.  Here are the steps for them to add themselves back on the list:

For within their account:

  1. Go to top right corner, MY ACCOUNT
  3. Select/Deselect the Opt-out options for EMAIL and SMS.
    1. I agree to receive club communication emails
    2. I agree to receive club communication SMS messages
  4. Click SAVE

Directly from Email:

  1. Have user go to their last known email from your Ski Club.  
    NOTE: They can search their email for ""
  2. Go to the bottom of email and click MANAGE EMAIL PREFERENCES
  3.  Change the OPT-OUT to NO

NOTE: If the user can not find a previous email, first check their household and make sure they have the correct email in there.  If it is there, then contact and we can investigate further to restore email delivery.

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